A Little More About Me

You know me as a teacher, a writer, and a (soon-to-be) tour guide–but did you know I am also an artist?

I’ve been creating webcomics and other illustrations using traditional media for the past couple of years; you can see my work at What You Need to Know About Nature (WYNTKAN). I started with a nature-based educational webcomic as a way to give myself regular drawing practice with alcohol markers. It also gave me the opportunity to not only learn more about some natural history topics that interested me, but to get better at citizen-level science communication using written and visual media.

It’s been a great experience creating both single page and multi-page comics, but I had to drop it a little over a year ago as teaching began to ramp up for me. I’ve been slowly picking the markers back up in recent months, along with my colored pencils. No comics yet, but if you check out my WYNTKAN social media accounts you can see some of my recent sketches for things like #SundayFishSketch. (Feel free to follow me on those accounts if you want to see more new art as I create it!) If you like my work, I have some of my art available as stickers, cards and other merchandise here at my Redbubble shop.

I have some ideas for how I’d like to incorporate my illustration work into my naturalist work more (those of you who have taken classes from me may recognize a few of the diagrams in my PowerPoints!) In the meantime, though, I’m going to be taking things slow as my plate’s already pretty full. So I likely won’t be going back to weekly comics any time soon, but I do want to make more time to draw.

Oh, and my pen name as an artist, D.K. Cissel? It’s a pun! The dickcissel is a small bird in the cardinal family that can be found in the eastern half of the United States in the summer, but overwinters in Central and South America. The bird illustration you see at the beginning of the post is a male dickcissel.

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