My name is Rebecca, and I have been in love with nature since I was big enough to walk out in my  childhood yard. I was that kid who was constantly spouting off facts about animals that I’d read in books, and sharing my favorite plants with family and neighbors, from Eastern red-cedar trees to a host of mosses.

I haven’t lost my zeal for sharing nature with others; if anything, the older I get the more I enjoy it! And I’ve gained a lot more tools and skills to help teach others about the natural wonders this world has to offer.  

Scroll down to find out how I can teach you about nature identification, ecology, foraging for wild foods, and more!

Natural History and Foraging Classes For Everyone

Most environmental education is aimed toward children, and it’s true that bright young minds hold boundless curiosity and enthusiasm! But learning about nature doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an adult now. I offer a variety of two to three hour single-session nature and foraging classes on specific topics like birdwatching, mushroom hunting and other wild foods, and ecoregions, and class times are either on weekday evenings or weekend mornings. 

Most classes are held online, though I do teach limited in-person classes, primarily in the Portland, Oregon and Long Beach, Washington/Astoria, Oregon area. While most of my classes are held through various community colleges and other public entities, I am available for customized private classes as well. These custom classes are great for entire families, groups of friends, clubs and organizations.

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Your Guide to Northwest Nature

One of my favorite endeavors is to connect people with the beauty and wonder of the natural world through direct experiences. Whether we’re identifying native species of plant and fungus, watching birds and other wildlife, or exploring the geology that forms the land around us, I offer my clients the opportunity to deepen their understanding of natural history firsthand.

While I primarily work in the Columbia-Pacific region, I am available to lead tours throughout the Pacific Northwest. Every tour is a chance for me to both share my expertise, and to appreciate what brings other people to these beautiful places. Plus I’ll take any excuse to get outside!

Find out more about hiring me as a guide here.

Teaching Through Nature Writing

nature and foraging classes - great blue heron feather hanging on a twig

As a professional nonfiction writer for nearly two decades, as well as an avid reader, I am very familiar with how many of us educate ourselves through articles, books, and other media. By writing informative, accessible pieces on natural history and related topics, I offer anyone who visits this site a chance to learn something new and thought-provoking about the world we share with so many other living beings. 

Many of my articles are directly inspired by my own experiences in nature. While I wish I could take all of you on my explorations, the next best thing is sharing something neat I found! But it’s not just about me; I also want you to be inspired to engage with the outdoors however you’re able. The comments are always open for you to add your thoughts, experiences, and questions (they are moderated to avoid spam and other unpleasantness, so don’t be surprised if they don’t show up immediately!)

Got a topic or question you’d love to see me cover in an upcoming article? Contact me and let me know what’s on your mind!