Learning to identify animals, plants, and fungi is just the start of getting to know nature! These classes offer deeper looks at how ecosystems work, how different sciences like geology and climatology affect ecology, and how all he living beings in an ecosystem are dependng upon each other and the land they live on. No formal scientific training necessary; these classes are for everyone.

Ecoregions of Oregon

Beauty can be found all around our state of Oregon in mountain, ocean, forest and desert landscapes! Learn about the eight distinct and unique ecoregions of our state including the geology, hydrology, climatology and biology that helped shape them all.

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Forests, Fire Ecology, and Climate Change

The forests of the Northwest have adapted to periodic fires over thousands of years. We have seen more frequent, larger, and hotter wildfires in recent years. How did this happen, and what can we do about it?

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The East Cascades Ecoregion

The dry side of Oregon offers incredible opportunities to learn about the animals, plants, and other beings that have adapted to live there. Learn how geology, hydrology, and climate come together to create a unique set of challenges and resources for living beings on the east side of the Cascade range! 

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