Most of my classes are about natural history, but here are a few on topics that didn’t quite fit on the other pages. The good news is that they all still offer various excuses to go outside and explore, no matter your age!

Raising Chickens For Beginners

Do you want chickens in your backyard but aren’t sure where to get started? We’ll talk about whether to start with brand new chicks or older birds, what your new flock will need, common maladies and how to treat them, and more! PLEASE NOTE: The last, OPTIONAL section of this class includes information about humanely culling chickens, whether for euthanasia or meat. 

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Ecopsychology For Everyone

Nature is good for you, but did you ever wonder why? In this class you’ll get to explore how the many ways we connect with nature help improve our mental health, how nature is incorporated into therapy, and how you can apply these principles to your everyday life.

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Ecopsychology Skills For Climate Resilience

Climate change has a lot of people stressed and anxious! In this one-day class you’ll learn nature-based practices to help with stress reduction and mental well-being. These are practices you can use anywhere, any time. Some practices may incorporate making two-dimensional art, so please have art supplies of your choice available during class (even a pen and paper will work!)


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