Guided Nature Tours!

4-13-22: After months of pulling together information and applications and other paperwork regarding insurance, permits, etc., I have come to the sad conclusion that independent tours are NOT going to happen this year. I apologize profusely to anyone who was hoping to hire me this year; I’m pretty disappointed, too. It came down to a combination of finances, and a couple of significant recent life changes that are going to restrict my ability to travel somewhat for the next several months.

I have two pieces of good news, though: one, I can still do tours under the aegis of a college, nonprofit organization, or other entity who has their own liability insurance. So if you are a representative of such an entity who would like to work with me, you can contact me here any time. And if you would like to see me offer tours in your area, you’re welcome to contact a college/nonprofit/etc. in your area and see if they’d like to get in touch with me to make arrangements.

The other piece of good news is that I’ve already done a lot of the work needed to get all that paperwork in line. Applications can be re-sent, and later this year I’m going to re-assess my situation to see if it looks like I can try again for 2023.

I appreciate everyone’s support and patience, and I’m hopeful that things will look better for my going independent next year. Thank you for being here with me!

What Tours Do I Offer?

a forest with young conifer trees and green sword ferns for guided nature toursHave you ever gone hiking and wondered “Huh, I wonder what mushroom that is?” or “Are those berries edible?” or even “What kind of bird is that?” Why not bring along someone who can help you answer those questions? As a nature guide, in addition to helping you identify the various living beings in nature you may encounter, I also show you some of the tools you can use to practice identification on your own! By having me along for guided nature tours, you can gain the confidence to learn more about the animals, plants, and fungi all around you.

Please note: I do not do strict foraging tours; for example, I don’t lead tours specifically for the purpose of, say, finding edible mushrooms. Rather, my guided nature tours take a more ecologically complete approach to any place I accompany you, where we can learn about both individual life forms and the habitat they live in. If we happen to find edible plants or mushrooms along the way I can certainly help you identify them, and if we are in a location where foraging for personal use is allowed you can collect them. But this is a side bonus to the main goal of connecting you to a place and its inhabitants.

I work primarily in western Washington and Oregon, particularly around Portland, OR and Long Beach, WA. Other locations may be possible, though fees may include additional travel costs.

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