I offer a variety of classes on nature identification, ecology, and related natural history topics. Currently most of my classes are online, but as pandemic restrictions allow I will be doing more in-person classes, primarily in the Portland, OR and Astoria, OR area. You may view the current schedule of classes here.

If you have any questions about the classes, or are if you are interested in hiring me as an educator at your school, event, outing, etc. please contact me. Please note that many of my classes can be adapted for locations outside of the Pacific Northwest.

Nature Identification

Want to learn how to identify birds and other animals, plants and fungi? Curious about how to forage for edible mushrooms and plants? Click the leaf below to check these classes out!

Natural History 

From fire ecology to mycology to Pacific Northwest geology, here are the natural history classes I teach! If you’re curious about how nature works, these are for you. Click the bee below to check these classes out!

Other Classes

These are classes that didn’t fit into the other categories, like “Raising Chickens For Beginners” and “Ecopsychology”. Click the chicken below to check these classes out!