By Rebecca Lexa
24 pages

Climate change is all over the headlines, and new studies come out every month. All this information can feel overwhelming! The Four Cs: A Quick Introduction to Climate Change lays out the basic evidence for anthropogenic climate change, and answers questions like:

  • How is our planet’s climate changing now, and how does it compare to climate change events in the past?
  • What evidence do we have showing the causes and effects of climate change?
  • How do we know today’s climate change is caused by humans rather than natural phenomena?
  • How is climate science backed up by findings from other areas of science?
  • What can we do about climate change?

Intended for a general audience including adults and older kids, this book is suitable for classrooms, book clubs, conservation groups, and casual readers alike–no scientific background necessary. Plus the Four Cs themselves are a great structure to share information about climate change with others easily and effectively, including friends, family, policy makers, and more!

Relevant links and charts for the book may be found here.

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