Want to take a class from me? Here’s a schedule of my upcoming classes! Please note some classes are offered more than once per semester. All classes are single-session classes except for Nature Identification for the Beginning Naturalist, which is a two-session class. Each session lasts approximately 2-3 hours for online classes.

At this time the majority of classes are online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any in-person classes may be subject to being changed to online or hybrid according to local and state regulations, and guidelines set by the venue.

Anyone can register for ONLINE classes regardless of what college or other entity is hosting them; you do NOT need to live in the same area (or even the same state/country!) However, some classes may have region-specific information in addition to more generally-applicable information.

Please note that dates are for 2022. All times are Pacific Standard Time unless otherwise noted.

~Pick the ONLINE class you want at the time and date that work best for you, regardless of where it’s being hosted! Many great options to choose from, at some excellent venues!~

Nature Identification Classes

Nature Identification for the Beginning Naturalist (Two Day Class)

Did you ever want to be able to identify the animals, plants and fungi around you? You don’t need a biology degree! Learn how anyone can explore nature in more depth using books, the internet, and everyday observations.

Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, 10:00am – 4:00pm both days, Portland Community College, IN PERSON – Register here

Foraging in the Pacific Northwest (One Day Class)

The Pacific Northwest is plentiful with wild edible plants and fungi. Learn the basics of identifying common edible flowers and plants, some even found in your backyard! Identify their poisonous look-alikes, and learn ways to prepare what you collect in your own kitchen. Please note there is some crossover material with the mushroom hunting class.

Tuesday, August 30, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Mushroom Hunting For Beginners (One Day Class)

Mushroom foraging is a popular pursuit in the Northwest. Learn where to search for edible mushrooms and how to identify common wild mushrooms and poisonous species. Discover more facts about fungi in your backyard! Please note that there is some crossover material with the PNW foraging class.

Tuesday, August 16, 6pm – 8pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Birdwatching For Beginners (One Day Class)

Birds are some of the easiest wildlife to observe, even in urban areas. But how can you tell which is which? Learn how to tell your thrushes from your warblers, hawks from eagles, waterfowl from wading birds, and more! Whether you’re a backyard bird watcher, or are eager to go out into the wilderness to check species off your life list, this is a great class to get you started. (Combines the Backyard Birdwatching and Bird identification classes below.)

Thursday, June 9, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, Clatsop Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Backyard Birdwatching (One Day Class)

If you’re just getting started with birdwatching, look no further! In this class you’ll learn what sort of equipment might be helpful, safe and ethical bird feeding, some common backyard birds to look for, and other useful tips and resources.

Monday, July 25, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Bird Identification for Beginners (One Day Class)

If you’ve got your basic birdwatching skills down and you want to get better at identifying some of the hundreds of birds found in your area, this class is for you! Includes detailed information on field marks and other characteristics of birds, skills and tools for identification, and more! (Sample birds are chosen for the area in which the college/venue is located.)

Monday, May 16, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Monday, August 15, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Scappoose Birdwatching Excursion (One Day Class)

Join Master Naturalist Rebecca Lexa on a two-hour walk along the Crown-Zellerbach Trail in Scappoose, OR! We’ll keep our eyes open for songbirds, raptors, and other wild birds in the forests and open areas. Bring binoculars and water, and wear good walking shoes for this paved path.

Thursday, May 12, 9:00am – 11:00am, Portland Community College, IN PERSON – Register here

Nature Identification Field Day (One Day Class)

Note: This class is held via Portland Community College. You must have taken at least one of my relevant classes (Nature Identification, Birdwatching, Foraging, Mushrooms) through PCC in order to take it.

Have you taken our birdwatching, PNW foraging, or mushroom identification ONLINE classes during this or previous semesters? This is a chance for you to get some field experience trying out your identification tools and skills with instructor Rebecca Lexa.

Friday, May 13, 10:00am – 12:00pm, Portland Community College, IN PERSON – Register here

Nature Walk at Mary S. Young Park (One Day Class)

Join Master Naturalist Rebecca Lexa on a 90-minute walk at Mary S. Young State Park in West Linn! We’ll keep our eyes open for birds and other wildlife, explore plants and fungi we find along the way, and talk about some of the different habitats found in the park. Bring plenty of water, binoculars if you have them, and wear good walking shoes.

Friday, July 10, 10:00am – 11:30am, Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation, IN PERSON – Register here

Natural History Classes

Ecoregions of Oregon (One Day Class)

Beauty can be found all around our state of Oregon in mountain, ocean, forest and desert landscapes! Learn about the eight distinct and unique ecoregions of our state including the geology, hydrology, climatology and biology that helped shape them all.

Wednesday, June 1, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, Portland Community College, ONLINE – Register here

The East Cascades Ecoregion (One Day Class)

The dry side of Oregon offers incredible opportunities to learn about the animals, plants, and other beings that have adapted to live there. Learn how geology, hydrology, and climate come together to create a unique set of challenges and resources for living beings on the east side of the Cascade range!

Tuesday, June 7, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Central Oregon Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Forests, Fire Ecology, and Climate Change (One Day Class)

The forests of the Northwest have adapted to periodic fires over thousands of years. We have seen more frequent, larger, and hotter wildfires in recent years. How did this happen, and what can we do about it?

Monday, June 6, 6pm – 8pm, Portland Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Thursday, August 4, 6pm – 8pm, Mt. Hood Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Other Classes

Ecopsychology For Everyone (One Day Class)

Nature is good for you, but did you ever wonder why? In this class you’ll get to explore how the many ways we connect with nature help improve our mental health, how nature is incorporated into therapy, and how you can apply these principles to your everyday life.

Class will be available summer semester – details coming soon!

Ecopsychology Skills for Climate Resilience (One Day Class)

Climate change has a lot of people stressed and anxious! In this one-day class you’ll learn nature-based practices to help with stress reduction and mental well-being. These are practices you can use anywhere, any time. Some practices may incorporate making two-dimensional art, so please have art supplies of your choice available during class (even a pen and paper will work!)

Tuesday, May 24, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Portland Community College, ONLINE – Register here

Raising Chickens For Beginners (One Day Class)

Do you want chickens in your backyard but aren’t sure where to get started? We’ll talk about whether to start with brand new chicks or older birds, what your new flock will need, common maladies and how to treat them, and more! PLEASE NOTE: The last, OPTIONAL section of this class includes information about humanely culling chickens, whether for euthanasia or meat. 

Monday, June 13, 6:00pm – 8:30pm, Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation, ONLINE – Register here